Music Solutions

Soundproof’s DNA draws from 20+ years in the music industry, spanning work with major labels, boutique independents, DJs, live touring acts and major festivals.

Music is a key pillar of any retail store, event or activation. With our deep knowledge and working relationships, we assist brands across the spectrum of all music-related services.

Whether curation and delivery of in-store music, live performances, DJ bookings or custom branded equipment and DJ booths, we source the right talent, content and ideas with music always at the heart.

In-store Music

Soundproof is a leading retail background music curator and digital delivery supplier

Music Delivery Technology

Delivery is by the state of the art Pro Phase C2 audimator

Public Performance

We assist brands with any public performance requirements (licenses)

DJ Bookings

We understand the importance of selecting the right professional DJs to suit your brand and event.

DJ Audio Equipment

We work with the best audio companies nationally to provide the most up to date DJ equipment

DJ Booths

We are experts in the creation and supply of custom built DJ booths

In-store Music

Soundproof is a leading retail background music curator and digital delivery supplier to over 3,500 global retail stores. We work with clients to create their unique audio identity reflecting the brand’s soundtrack and crafting a superior customer experience.

Playlists are individually curated for each brand by handpicking emerging new acts blending with artists reflective of current global music trends.

Music delivery technology

Our in-store music scheduling incorporates delivery by the state-of-the-art Pro-phase C2 Audimator.

The C2 Audimator music system is our latest solid state, high fidelity automated and networked music system capable of scheduling music to your customers’ key moods and time frames, from slow tempo music in the mornings to more upbeat sounds at key trading periods.


State of the Art

The Audimator uses state of the art high fidelity digital audio components to transcend the moods & atmospheres for your brand.

Solid State Design

The Audimator has no moving parts which virtually eliminates operational wear & tear.

Automation - No Staff Intervention

The Audimator integrates audio and automation so there is never any need for staff involvement.

Public performance

Whether a DJ, live band or broadcast from a sound system, any music presented in a public space requires public performance licenses.

Soundproof is a leader in administration and compliance across public performance for retail stores in Australia, New Zealand and globally. Public Performance in Australia is overseen by two governing bodies APRA/AMCOS and PPCA and we liaise with and report to these bodies on behalf of our clients, ensuring their license obligations are met.

Soundproof work with over 20 of the world’s royalty collection societies. We assist our clients with their global reporting processes for public performances across Australia and New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand the U.S.A, Europe and South Africa.

Case Study: Colorbond 50th Anniversary
To celebrate COLORBOND® Steel’s 50th anniversary, Colorbond launched 50 days of activations across Australia.

Over 50 events, custom Colorbond vans offered free coffee at Bunnings stores with seven roaming coffee vans in each state and territory.

As part of the brief, Soundproof curated a special 1966 music playlist skewed towards Australian hits of the 60’s that was broadcast by all coffee suppliers at all locations to help celebrate.

License rights for reproduction and public performance background music service was handled and licensed across the various governing bodies by Soundproof for all 50 locations.

DJ bookings

We understand the importance of selecting the right DJ to suit your event mood, atmosphere and aesthetic. Whether reflecting a store’s opening as a vibrant celebration or providing a stylish and fluid soundtrack for media and product launches we work closely with you to assess the brief and deliver the right talent for your brand or event.

Each week, our talent pool of national DJs are performing for our fashion-focused clients. We’re booking established names and next emerging talent, always briefed on their assignment, aware of the expectations on deliverables, professionally presented and fully accountable.

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