Music is your brand’s Audio Identity

Your Audio Identity custom designed by experienced music industry experts.

Since 2005 we have been providing bespoke music playlists, hardware and IT support music solutions for our clients.

Our music design team will work with you to craft the Audio Identity that works with your brand personality and resonate with your staff and customers.

With unparalleled access via our deep music industry connections, we can source and provide exclusive clean edits, advance media-only releases and trending tracks.

Playlists are curated, collaborated and approved by the revolutionary work flow system DISCO, which is the leading platform in music management and sharing.

Our technology is uniquely designed and built for the commercial retail business environment. The hardware can be easily integrated into any existing sound system and network environment, and is solid state high fidelity pro digital stereo that is fully automated (so no staff intervention) and can be controlled by a smart device.

Our hardware is custom built and not “off the shelf ” with software that pre-programmes the music to play randomise however with the laser focus of knowing what track is playing every second of every day.

Campaign and messaging viable and with any IT and hardware hurdles with a 24/7 support line.

Expedient service and support from our music curation and technical teams.

In-store Music

Soundproof is a leading retail background music curator and digital delivery supplier

Music Delivery Technology

Delivery is by the state of the art Pro Phase C2 audimator

Public Performance

We assist brands with any public performance requirements (licenses)

Public performance

Framework of Public Performance and Governance

Public Performance, or Performing Rights, are the right to perform music in public.

It is part of copyright law and demands payment to the music’s owners split across the song and lyrics often referred to as Master and Publishing.

It is the broadcast, communication or public playing of recorded music, inclusive of all formats of music supply and delivery of music across any format being CD, digital download, all streaming.

Each global territory has alternate governing bodies and systems in place to protect and collect performance fees. Fees are paid each quarter or annually and are based on store numbers and most notably the size of the store which is evaluated on the stores SQM/feet.

The larger the footprint of the store the higher the fee calculated.

Retail/boutique stores, showrooms, medical centres… any public facing space is not allowed to play and air any service provided by Spotify or Apple Music (and like-minded platforms) by law and as outlined in the clear terms and conditions of the carrier service in the public space of any retail or boutique store.

Spotify and Apple Services (T&C’s) “ for personal, non-commercial purposes only…”

Soundproof Music Solutions works with over 20 of the world’s royalty collection societies.

We assist our clients with their global reporting processes for public performances across Australia and New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand the U.S.A, Europe and South Africa.

Music delivery technology

Our in-store music scheduling incorporates delivery by the state-of-the-art Pro-phase C2 Audimator.

The C2 Audimator music system is our latest solid state, high fidelity automated and networked music system capable of scheduling music to your customers’ key moods and time frames, from slow tempo music in the mornings to more upbeat sounds at key trading periods.


State of the Art

The Audimator uses state of the art high fidelity digital audio components to transcend the moods & atmospheres for your brand.

Solid State Design

The Audimator has no moving parts which virtually eliminates operational wear & tear.

Automation - No Staff Intervention

The Audimator integrates audio and automation so there is never any need for staff involvement.